Concept for simplifying and enriching exploring Norway by road.

The National Tourist Routes in Norway are 18 different roads spread throughout Norway. The idea of the routes are to be a simple way for tourist of both norwegian and international background to find the perfect route for their trip. In addition to great roads, the National Tourist Routes are also placed so you can view amazing landscapes, and interesting architecture. Viewpoints are also easily accessible throughout, and stretching your legs is the least enjoyable thing when taking breaks.
In co-operation with BEKK, we were asked to design a new and improved website for the National Tourist Routes in Norway (www.nasjonaleturistveger.no). They wanted the focus to be on mobility and a website to be functional and helpful throughout the trip. I decided to create and app (which can be synced with the desktop version of the site), so it’s easy to use both before you leave for the trip, while you are on your trip, and to review and share your thoughts after the trip.
The app is broken into 3 different sections, before, during and after. The sections specify what the app lets you configure and do during each section.

Section 1


In the before section, the app greets you with a screen letting you plan your trip. It gives you the option to either select your starting location and destionation, or if you've not yet decided, you can see the suggested trips, which shows you the top rated trips based on other peoples reviews and feedback on their earlier trips.

To sync your trip onto different devices, you can create an account, or conncet to any of your social media accounts. This lets you prepare your trip on one device, then bring another onto the trip, as you may want to prepare your trip on your desktop, but bringing that device on your trip might be difficult, so your phone is useful.

To attract the international tourist, I chose to have a video background behind the UI, to show the beauty Norway has to offer. This might affect their choice of going or not. If you have a phone which does not offer video, or rather turn it off, you can by clicking the bottom left camera with a crossed line over. This will leave a still image as a background instead. If you on the other hand want to just enjoy the beauty of the timelapse video, you can disable the UI temporarily by clicking the fullscreen icon also on the bottom left.

Section 2


The second section, During, introduces a second UI. The design is different, because the focus is now shifted towards being informative and helpful, more then interesting and appealing, since the user is already attached to the app. The user no longer needs to be convinced to come to Norway/use the app, which is a central element of the Before section.

Firstly, when selecting your trip, you are directed to a map of your trip. This map shows you different routes to your destination, which you can choose from, depending on what kind of trip you'd like. You may choose the fastest route; This will take you to your destination the quickest way possible, only with a couple of optional stops along the way. You will still have the beautiful landscape as company, but you are going reach the destination quickly. The longer trips will have several additional stops, and the route will have more attractions along the way. This makes the app a useful normal GPS, at the same time it works as a tourist guide for the ones who like to explore.

When you are happy with your choice, you will start your trip. An arrow will track you as a regular GPS does, and you will be informed when you are closing in on the stops. At the bottom is a menu bar, which has useful and helpful information. The ? at the right gives you general information about the buttons, and what each are for.

The G button, or the Geocache button, was included to do this more fun for families going on a trip. A car trip might be boring for the children, and landscapes and architecture might now be the most entertaining for them, so including an option to make it more interesting was important. The Geocache is a treasure hunt, which gives you locations on the map where you can find the "Caches".

You can also find close restaurants/places to eat, places to fuel up, toilets and places with a nice view, or something out of the ordinary which is worth stopping for (which is not included in the original stops) from the other 4 buttons at the bottom.

In addition to finding close places to fuel up, you also get 10l free fuel for every 100l you fill (on a selection of gas stations). This is to connect the app and the user for a greater chance that the user will come back and use the app on later occasions.

An additional possibility of the app is for users who are riding a motorcycle or anything alike, which has problems using the visuals of the app. There is an option which turns on the audio GPS, which works the same way as the normal GPS, but with audio directions. You can also get directions to closest toilet, restaurant etc if you enable this beforehand or during a stop.

Section 3


The last section, after, lets you review and rate your trip. This really helps other tourist to see which trips are must-sees, or which to avoid. If enough people select the same trip as you, and it gets enough ratings, it will show up in the "Suggested Trips" for other travelers. You can also share your trip with friends and family, so they can see what trip you have been on.