A new Westerdals

Since the merging of Westerdals, NITH and NISS, they decided that having additional school buildings would be useful. We, the graphic design students, got the mission of designing the wayfinding for the new building. In co-operation with Erik Torgersen, Megan Edwards and Lauren Doherty, we created a new typeface, icons and signs. We wanted to create something new, but that still said "Westerdals" and for the students to see that even though they studied at different locations, they would still feel connected.

The design

For the design, the idea was to make icons, signs and type that was in match with their current branding. We wanted to recycle the ideas and use them to our advantage. Recycle was a very important word to us when we thought about materials for things like the signs.
The following images are mock-ups, and not exactly how they look in actuality today. I moved away from Oslo since then, and currently have no good photo of the exact wayfinding.

App and screen design

In addition to the typeface and icons, we wanted it to be easy to navigate around the building, since it's a very large building with 8 floors.
We created a floor design which can be found on screens where you enter the building. Here you can easily see whats on each floor, and corresponding colors for the each of the different studies they have at the school.

We also decided to make a concept for an app, where you can navigate as well, but it has several more useful additions. You can see what the daily is in the cafeteria, see which books are available in the library, which rooms on which floor are available and a handy digital student card - everyone always has their phone, but the card is easily misplaced or forgotten.