WASD - The Lifestylfe of Gamers

“Being a gamer has changed in recent years to mean more than just a person who plays video games. It means more to just exist and play games. A gamer is someone who doesn’t just play games for fun, or a sense of superiority when pit against his peers. A gamer is someone who plays because it means something more to him than just that.”
WASD is the fictive magazine based upon gaming as a lifestyle. It breaks down different forms of making a living off of playing video games; if it’s professional, streaming, hosting or creating. Gaming is the goldmine of the generation, and a lot of people are having a blast, while cashing in big money.

The idea

We are in a different era. Gaming has gone past the brainless time killer and waste of time to something much bigger. Since gaming started growing, it quickly turned to a negative term. The gamers were only in their rooms, wasting their time on a fictional world without getting anything productive out of it. Well, it's a different time now, and I wanted to show that through this magazine. There are so many creative ways to use gaming to make a living, and if you have the right idea and can stick out from the rest, you can hit the goldmine. You can be a professional, make video content, livestream games, make your own games or even create meetup points for gamers to unite, play and watch games together. Only your creativity stops you.

The content

I wanted to include a little bit of everything. In this magazine you can read about the normal year of a professional gamer, get a sneak peek into the life of a streamer, the struggle of being an indie developer, and a norwegian team building a gamer house for people to meet and play together.